About Us

About Us


I bring to the table over 30 years of providing creative audio post production, narration recording, sound design, effects editing, and mixing.  After a lengthy radio career from Key West to Denver both behind the mic and in the production room I made the switch from razor blade to the digital world.  While in Atlanta I recorded, edited and mixed the national American Express Card radio campaign “Dining Out” for Ogilvy & Mather New York.

The Way We Were


In 1994, I was urged to go to Los Angeles to produce more radio, Mixing the national radio commercial for the blockbuster film “The Rock” for Aspect Ratio, and a short time later I was working on the lot at FOX Studios as the staff promo and commercial mixer, recording the late great Don LaFontaine on a daily basis.


I kept busy as sound effects editor on feature films for Disney, and while on the Warner Bros lot met director John Landis as he was overseeing the mix on the trailer we were working on for the animated feature film “Space Jam.”  In October 1997, I met the owners of Image Resources Film and Video when they were posting the hit TV show “Air America” starring Lorenzo Lamas and they kept me on as sound effects editor and Foley recordist.

What We Have Been Doing


We worked on countless projects together until 2009 when I left Los Angeles, and since 2010 from the studio just north of Atlanta, I have done editorial on many feature films, TV shows for Hallmark Channel, ION-TV and Lifetime, as well as sound design for Discovery Channel's "Anaconda" and for the History Channel series “The Nostradamus Effect” provided by Image Resources Film and Video in Los Angeles. 

In 2012, I was the re-recording mixer on the documentary feature film “Runaway Slave" and in 2017, sound designer on the UK feature film "Together" and "A Tale of Two Coreys" for Lifetime.  Mixing at Atlanta's White Dog Studios I did effects editing for 12 episodes of SyFy Channel's “Superstition." And 2019 was a banner year!

 TechnoMan Studios uses ProTools HD, Rode microphones and FocusRite equipment 

Audio Samples

Techno Man VoiceOver Reel

Audio Samples

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